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LaPresse crede da sempre nella forza evocativa delle immagini. Nell’era digitale, la fruizione dell’informazione è cambiata e i dispositivi mobili hanno dato un peso sempre maggiore alla componente visiva, premiando i contributi fotografici e audiovisivi.

LaPresse has believed from the very start in the evocative power of images. Within our current digital age, the use of information has changed considerably, and mobile devices greatly contributed into the growing importance of the visual component, as there has been a shift towards photographic and audiovisual contributions.
Having first approached information through images, LaPresse was able to anticipate the needs of its reference market with a huge competitive advantage, soon obtaining predominance over the Italian landscape.
LaPresse now supplies production including approximately 300 raw footage videos per day, including those made by its cameras within the national territory, and those of Associated Press, in exclusive distribution. The entire actual production flows into the LaPresse raw video footage archive, the largest in Italy after RAI’s “Teche”, with over 50,000 domestic and foreign shots implemented every day.
Thanks to a dedicated video editorial staff, which was reinforced in 2015 thanks to the acquisition of AGR, a leading journal in the production of multimedia information and video contents, together with the raw national footage and AP videos from all over the world, every day the agency produces a rich range of video clips, intended for both web and television.
LaPresse’s cameramen, videomakers and editors are at the service of companies and institutions, for on demand corporate, product-based or event-related video services.