LaPresse is a media company which, since the beginning, has invested in multimedia, integrating excellent products and services for the benefit of publishers and broadcasters. Thanks to the privileged relationships we have with them, we are also able to extend such services to companies and institutions.

Today LaPresse is the main Italian entrepreneurial multimedia news agency. It produces news in the form of texts, photos and videos, 24/7, in real time, 365 days a year, and supplies its content to over 90% of the entire publishing and broadcast market in Italy.

LaPresse is the exclusive Italian partner of Associated Press (AP), distributing AP’s content all over Italy under a bilateral agreement. In turn, AP distributes text and photographic content of LaPresse worldwide through its own channels.

LaPresse is a television production company of thematic channels, news and entertainment programmes.

It is a press office specialised in image management for newspapers, television channels and formats and entertainment and cultural events. It operates as a media relations facilitator, supporting companies in the creation of multimedia content and its distribution to the media.

It is a management agency, managing artists, authors, directors, photographers and journalists.

International vocation, entrepreneurial ability, technological innovation, flexibility and eagerness to listen translate into a strong proactivity in creating tools and services that are increasingly tailored to the real needs of the interlocutors, with continuous investment in human resources, technologies and infrastructures.

So that every goal we achieve is the new starting point of a path of constant improvement, to always give our best.


Founded in Turin in the 1930s as Publifoto Torino, the agency marked the birth of photojournalism in Italy, thanks to the initiative and talent of the first great Italian photojournalists: Silvio Durante, Fedele Toscani (Oliviero’s father), Vincenzo Carrese and Silvio Maresca. This new media rose on the backdrop of a period of Italian rebirth: politics, economy, industry, culture and current affairs were given news coverage through the use of images, documenting and great scoops.

This approach captured the attention of the great newspapers of the time, such as the “Corriere all’Europeo”, run by Arrigo Benedetti, and “Oggi”, run by Edilio Rusconi, who immediately made it a point of reference for the supply of topical photos.

The agency grew, and soon turned into an entrepreneurial organisation, with an ever-widening network of photographers.

In the 1990s, current president Marco Durante acquired the historical archives of his father Silvio’s Publifoto Torino, and together with his brother Massimo founded LaPresse, leading to an important acceleration in the development and diversification of the agency’s activities. This marked the transformation of the photo agency into one of the most dynamic and innovative companies on the information and communication scene in Italy.

Alongside the by-then established photo reporting activity, the agency introduced video news in order to document events via an increasingly in-demand form of communication. Progressively, an integrated system of professionalism and skills was created, dedicated to industrial photography, historical archives, image coordination, brand visual enhancement both through photos and videos. This led to the development of a platform of services tailored to the needs of a constantly evolving market.

In 2010, with the agreement with Associated Press for the exclusive distribution of the American agency’s content in Italy, LaPresse officially became a news agency, completing its bouquet of information services with news and text contributions from Italy and abroad.

Today, with its ten offices in Italy (Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence, Naples, Verona, Treviso, Oristano, Messina, Lamezia Terme), over 80 journalists and correspondents and 100 polygraphers under the direction of Alessia Lautone and co-director Nicola Assetta, LaPresse is the go-to multimedia content provider for publishers, broadcasters, companies and institutions, offering a high-quality, complete, authoritative and timely service.

LaPresse has also been established as the most international of all Italian multimedia content providers, thanks to its its fifteen offices around the world (New York, Washington, Miami, Brussels, London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Warsaw, Prague, Geneva, Vienna, Rabat, Tokyo and Hong Kong) and and its consolidated exclusive partnership with Associated Press. A partnership that not only guarantees text, photographic and video content from abroad, but also gives Italian news maximum international coverage and what we can only describe as the best opportunity for global visibility.