In order to effectively reach the heart of editorial offices, as well as for aligning the company’s internal vision with the brand’s public positioning, LaPresse developed a division for its customers, which is entirely dedicated to media relations. This takes the form of a wide range of cutting-edge communication tools, both in terms of photographic and audiovisual productions, and a wealth of professionals with a specialization in managing relationships with national and international publishers, journalists, media and broadcasters, for the purpose of drawing and enhancing the image of customers, on a global scale.

LaPresse is the only multimedia content provider with an internal task force unit, team assigned to developing all press office activities with a strategic and exclusive vision. It manages all kinds of relationships with the media universe without any territorial boundaries.
The daily “on-field” media relation work employs cutting-edge photographic and video productions. Additionally, it can count on one unit of professionals who are specialized in the management of relations with publishers, journalists and first-rate broadcasters, each of whom rely on the advice of LaPresse for enhancing their image.

RAI, Discovery, Cairo Editore, are just some of the media leaders which have chosen the agency’s support for optimizing visibility for their channels and editorial products.
For our customers, press relationships and care for the public image are key elements for redefining the media positioning of companies and redesigning crowd presentation strategies. For this reason, LaPresse offers experiences and skills to its customers, to enable them to plan public positioning lines with the customer which are in line with the internal vision and development philosophy of the individual brands.
From FCA to the Government of Morocco, from MP&Silva to the International Swimming League, many subjects have chosen LaPresse for improving the media-related aspects of their activity.