A news agency since 2010, by accepting Associated Press‘s request of providing, besides excellent photo and video coverage from Italy, also news in textual form. Today LaPresse is a market leader, with the highest number in Italy of publishers and broadcasters who are paid subscribers of its news feed.

With eight offices in Milan, Rome, Turin, Naples, Florence, Verona, Trieste, an office in Brussels and a team comprising well over 50 journalists and correspondents, the news agency produces a general Italian newsletter featuring approximately 1,500 launches per day, including the entire production of Italian news generated by its network of editors spread over the entire national territory, as well as news from the world by Associated Press, translated into Italian and inserted into the stream in real time.
The general news flow is completed with the LaPresse-AWE newsletter, specializing in economic and financial news, and with a rich daily choice of complete articles, ready to be put on page.
LaPresse also offers AP’s international English news flow, an exclusive for Italy.
Finally, the LaPresse newsletter is an essential tool for all companies and institutions having a strategic asset for their business in the timeliness of information.