Photography has always been in LaPresse’s DNA, and it is at the very core of its development.

Ever since the Second World War’s aftermath up to current times, the countless photo reports it has produced have thrilled entire generations, impressing into our collective memory these news items and making them history.

Years of photo-journalistic documentation and the acquisition of important archives, including Olycom, Publifoto, Olympia Fotocronache and Franca Speranza, go today into forming an archive of over 60 million images from 1906 onwards, implemented in real time with current photos produced every day.

Image quality, extent of the coverage, timeliness of production, documentation of all news categories, from politics to news, from entertainment to sport, all contributed into LaPresse becoming the agency of choice for both publishers and broadcasts, so much so that more than 90% of the Italian publishing market buys its contents.

With over 500 photographers throughout the country, including employees, continuous collaborators and exclusive freelancers, every day LaPresse produces over 2,000 photos in real time, covering everything that happens in Italy, expressing excellence in sport, news, and as the only structure in Italy to do so, in gossip.

LaPresse photos are distributed internationally by Associated Press and published worldwide.
At the same time, thanks to its partnership agreements with AP and other important foreign agencies, the agency provides around 3,000 images from all over the world, daily and in real time.

LaPresse offers on demand photo-news coverage on the entire national territory, with dedicated work teams and exclusive productions, providing publishers with a considerable network of photographers for both covers and pose services: Gianluca Saragò, Piergiorgio Pirrone, Andrea Ciccalé, GRM Foto (Matteo Rasero, Federico Guberti and Damiano Guberti), Angelo Gigli, Julian Hargreaves are just some of the professionals in exclusive collaboration with the agency.

Gianluca Saragò, Piergiorgio Pirrone, Andrea Ciccalé, GRM Foto (Matteo Rasero, Federico Guberti e Damiano Guberti), Angelo Gigli, Julian Hargreaves sono solo alcuni dei professionisti che collaborano con l’agenzia in esclusiva.

The agency’s know-how is at the service of companies and institutions, for on demand corporate, people, product or event-based photo shoots.