Marco Durante (born in Turin on 24 March 1962) is an Italian entrepreneur, founder and President of the multimedia press agency LaPresse, a joint-stock company of which he holds all shares.

He lives between Milan and London and he is married to Thea, with whom he has three children: Vittoria, Edoardo and Ginevra.

His father, Silvio Durante, was one of the founders of Publifoto Torino, the agency that brought photojournalism to Italy.

After attending the scientific high school (“Liceo Scientifico”) of the Istituto Sacra Famiglia, he graduated from ISEF with the mark 98/100. He then began to work in the field of teaching, obtaining the chair of swimming in Turin. Already known for having played in the youth team of Torino Calcio in the role of halfback, during these years he coached Libertas SAFA, the swimming team of the Piedmontese city, together with Corrado Rosso, achieving significant results: from the Italian C series he won 4 consecutive championships and, having become Italian Champion, he took part in several international competitions including European and World Championships and three Olympic Games.

In the meantime, Marco Maria Durante decided to give his education a further boost by attending various courses in Economics and Management at prestigious universities abroad, in New York and at the Rotman School of Management in Toronto.

In France, as an ISEF teacher, he was also able to obtain a Matriculation in sports disciplines from the Unité de Formation et de Recherche en Sciences et Techniques des Acitivités Physiques et Sportives of the Université Claude Bernard Lyon1, with top marks.

Meanwhile, the entrepreneur continued his studies and graduated in Law with honours and distinction from the Pegaso University of Naples, with a thesis in Tax Law with publication rights.

In 1992 he began his collaboration with Publifoto, acquiring its historical archives from his father, and two years later, together with his brother Massimo, he founded LaPresse. This event paved the way for an important acceleration in the development and diversification of activities, and eventually transformed the photographic agency into one of the most dynamic and innovative media companies on the Italian information and communication scene.

On 31 August 1996, he lost his brother Massimo in a tragic car accident, while he was working as a photographer at the Venice International Film Festival. This event deeply marked Marco Maria Durante’s life.

Marco Maria Durante

In 2005, on the strength of the spirit that had marked the growth of the agency and an entrepreneurial intuition that led him to effectively diversify its activities in order to meet the needs of the market, he created LaPresse Nuoto Torino, becoming its President. Together with Vice-Presidents Lapo Elkann and Cristiano Fiorio, he led the Turin team to leadership, eventually attracting several champions such as Frenchwoman Laure Manadou, who chose to join in 2007. After various problems, some of which were also linked to the dispute with the French champion’s entourage, which exposed the president to media controversy, the experience came to an end: he dissolved the team and released tags and athletes. He did not change his mind even when, faced with a resolution of the case in his favour, he received an apology from the French. As a matter of fact, Marco Maria Durante is already projected towards new projects, even within a market that changes very quickly.

In the meantime, in fact,LaPresse continued to grow and became an established reality, being the first to bring to Italy what would become a constant in the sector in the years to come: video news. LaPresse added video news to its photo-reporting activities, developing an innovative model of integration between professionalism and skills based on the ability to correlate industrial photography and historical archives, and to coordinate the image and visual enhancement of brands, both in the photo and video fields.

The next step was internationalisation. For this reason, in 2008, Durante acquired distribution rights in Italy for the entire output of Associated Presss, accelerating the agency’s internationalisation process. It is no coincidence that two years later, as a result of the agreement with the American agency and at its specific invitation, LaPresse became a News Agency, further expanding its range of information services with news and reports from Italy and abroad. In 2018, with a view to completing the spectrum of its activities, a division specialising in television productions was set up and a celebrity management area was created, whose artists include Adriana Volpe, Andrea Iannone and many others.

La Presse has been a joint-stock company since 2006 and is the most international of the Italian multimedia content providers. It has 10 offices in Italy (Milan, Rome, Turin, Naples, Verona, Florence, Treviso, Oristano, Messina, Lamezia Terme) and 15 units abroad (Brussels, London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, Geneva, Rabat, New York, Washington, Miami, Tokyo, Hong Kong). Several companies have been acquired over time: AGR – Agenzia Giornalistica Radiotelevisiva; A.G.A. – Agenzia Giornali Associati; Olycom, with Olympia Fotocronache, Franca Speranza and the Publifoto brand.

During these years Marco Maria Durante decided to further expand his know-how by graduating in Law at the Pegaso University of Naples with honours and distinction, presenting a thesis in Tax Law. In 2015, the Pegaso University of Naples appointed Marco Maria Durante as a lecturer in Business Communication Strategies at the Faculty of Business Economics.

Since 2020, Marco Maria Durante has been a university lecturer in Media and Communication at the Universitas Mercatorum – University of the Chambers of Commerce. In the same year, he enrolled at the NYU Stern School of Business in New York to obtain a certificate in Corporate Finance.

As one of the leaders on the Italian publishing scene, during his career the President of LaPresse has had the opportunity to manage some of the most delicate media operations in recent years, assisting internationally renowned personalities and brands, including the Agnelli family, in media relations: for Lingotto and for the lawyer’s entourage (from Henry Kissinger to Prince Rainier of Monaco). He also handled the Elkann/Corona case.

Marco Maria Durante is the protagonist of an entrepreneurial path that, in twenty-five years, has led him to be one of the leaders of the publishing industry in Italy.